Listening Skills Test (Video Based)

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Syllabus & Prerequisites Listening Skills: In this video-based test you would be required to answer the question/s based on the content of the video/s. Although there is a visual aspect to this test, the questions are designed specifically to test your listening skills; how attentively you can listen to information, and retain it to answer the respective question/s. Question/s will be asked from within the content covered in a video/videos. It is, therefore, advised to ensure that a set of high-quality speakers or headphones is connected to your computer and is in proper working condition. Special Instructions 1. There are multiple video items in this test. Play this sample video to ascertain your computer's capacity to download and play the video items: 2. While viewing the sample video, ask yourself if: a. The smallest details of the video are visible and audible? b. It is taking too long for the video to buffer? 3. If the sample video does not play well, use a computer with a faster Internet connection. 4. Each video will be followed by a question based on the content of the video. You will have to select the correct answer(s) from amongst the provided options. 5. This is a timed test. The test will stop automatically when the time limit is reached.

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