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Social MediaMarketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses and individuals to establish a strong and personal connection with their customers. Social Media help build a solid base of loyal customers and assists companies is earning high returns, much is gained through implementing these new marketing strategies. This course is designed to help you and your company go places.

An integrated and multi-channel social media strategy is now a must-have for organizations seeking to achieve their missions or business objectives, especially since social media is an extension of the most powerful form of marketing: word-of-mouth.

Adroituses ISO 9001:2008 certified coursesthat have been offered to individuals and companies in over 160 countries. Over 2,700,000 people in 160 countries have benefited from these certifications.

In this day and age, businesses and individuals alike are utilizing social media platforms to reach out to new and potential customers, as well as, to build and maintain close and personal bonds with their current client base. If you want to give your business a big upward thrust, you cannot afford to miss thisSocial Media Marketing Certification.

Why enroll in the course and become certified?

•    Join an elite group of professionals as an expert in social media

•    Establish yourself as a leader in online marketing

•    Gain a competitive edge in the job market and workplace

•    Set yourself apart with best-in-class training from the leader in social media education


The following are the topics covered in this Social Media Marketing Course:

•    Social Media - The Next Big Marketing Revolution

•    Facebook

•    Twitter

•    Online Forums & Communities

•    YouTube as a Marketing Tool

•    Using Blogs for Marketing

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