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Developed in Japan post World War II, Kaizen business philosophy emphasizes constant improvement by monitoring business processes and continuous improvements. The ongoing need to continually improve all functions and involve all employees in organizations, coupled with the development of new management techniques and rigorous quality practices has led to a surge in the demand for Project Managers who are well versed with Kaizen techniques and practices.

A Kaizen Certification should be considered for Project Managers and other leaders looking for ways to influence change from the top down and bottom up.

Because the Kaizen philosophy encourages that every member of the organization is responsible for organizational growth, employees at all levels are encouraged to contribute tocontinuous change and improvement through their direct management. Kaizen does not focus on how the idea originated or who suggested it, the suggestion is equally considered.


This certification enables participants to:
•    Know the theory of Kaizen
•    Know how to run anorganization wide Kaizen initiative
•    Know how to complete a Kaizen assignment
•    Train others in the Kaizen values and principles
•    Be Adroit validated and certificated Kaizen practitioner.

Kaizen is a philosophy which strives for continuous improvement. If you plan on enhancing your understanding of various management methods and advancing in your career by making continuous improvements based on the Kaizen principles, you cannot afford to miss this Kaizen Certification! Give yourself an employment advantage by developing useful skills that are consistently in high demand in all the job spheres.
Through this Kaizen Certification you will learn powerful methods that will help you strive for continuous improvement and develop ways that make you more productive. This Kaizen Certification also provides helpful Kaizen tips and techniques that come from years of experience.

The  list of chapters in this Kaizen Certification are:Loading...
•    Introduction to Kaizen
•    Kaizen Goals
•    Kaizen Elements
•    Models of Kaizen
•    Transition to Kaizen
•    Implementation of Kaizen

The Kaizen Certification includes all the tools, techniques and concepts essential to creating a progressive enterprise and has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of most modern day industries.

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