Supervisor Aptitude Test

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Syllabus of the Supervisor Aptitude Test The Supervisor Aptitude Test is a scientifically validated test which is designed to measure and analyze important aspects of personality and behavior that are instrumental in determining how individuals perform in jobs which require supervisory aptitude and skills. The Supervisor Aptitude Test is a psychometric tool meant to analyze the most important traits that influence one's supervisory aptitude. Upon completing the test, you are provided with a comprehensive report on each trait, an overall summary report and a hiring recommendation. The personality traits that are measured and analyzed through the Supervisor Aptitude test are: •Problem Solving •Helpful Attitude •Self-confidence •Supervision/Supervisory Practices •Verbal and Numerical Reasoning •Attention to Detail The Supervisor Aptitude Test has a proven track record of helping companies and hiring managers screen applicants and identify management professionals with supervisor aptitude based on scientifically proven traits. The Supervisor Aptitude Test has been widely acknowledged as an effective tool for hiring supervisors and managers who can effectively lead a team of motivated and productive staff.

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