Fitness Training Aptitude Test

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Syllabus of the Fitness Training Aptitude Test The Fitness Trainer Aptitude Test is a scientifically validated test designed to measure abilities and important aspects of personality that determine the suitability and fitness of a job candidate for jobs in the field of fitness training. Upon completing the test, you are provided with a comprehensive report on each component, an overall summary report and a hiring recommendation. The abilities and personality traits that are measured and analyzed through the Fitness Trainer Aptitude Test are: •Self Discipline •Interpersonal Skills •Patience •Positive Attitude •Toughmindedness •Passion for fitness •Listening Ability The Fitness Trainer Aptitude Test has a proven track record of helping companies and hiring managers screen and identify candidates with a strong potential to become excellent and highly successful fitness trainers. The test has been widely acknowledged as an effective tool for efficient hiring and cost saving.

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