Professional Certification

In this day and age, professional certifications ensure that individuals are ready to meet the increasing day to day requirements across the globe.

Adroit is proudly one of the leading global providers of professional certifications. Through offering an affordable and efficient way for people to prove their expertise in a wide spectrum of fields, all the while not compromising quality and proficiency.


Adroit offers a bundle of popular certifications and tests
which are suitable for students, professionals, job seekers and companies alike.

It’s an excellent way for people to prove their professional prowess to employers while giving a boost to their own resume. With over 200,000 people certified, across 60 countries.

Offering an affordable and immediate learning, examination and certification process.Loading...

•    Professional practical facilitators

•    You can interact with other professionals

•    For experienced professionals, some certification training takes only a couple of days

•    On the spot examination

•    Affordable, fast and very effective way for being recognize

Why get certified?


- Verifies to management that your skills are effectively validated

- Keeps you valuable and strong in the market 

- Raises management’s confidence level in your abilities

- Provides you with personal satisfaction that you’ve mastered new material 

- Show that your skills are up to date Market yourself, show confidence 

- Stay in the loop of your domain, stay up to date 

- Shows that you care about your career 

- Shows initiative when certifying is not required 

- Separates yourself from your peers