Employment Testing

Adroit offers hundreds of different employee assessments prepared by experienced domain experts under stringent ISO 9001-2008 quality norms. Our large variety of tests from a diverse skills range have helped hundreds of leading employers fulfill their employee testing needs efficiently and effortlessly.

What is employment testing?

Pre-employment and employment testing are tools that are used to screen job applicants and assess the current workforce and can include testing of cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills, physical and motor abilities, personality, emotional intelligence, language proficiency, and even integrity. Companies use testing to find the candidates most likely to succeed in the open positions and to screen out those who are unqualified. 

Recruiting the right employee for the right job is one of the most critical challenges companies face.

How can testing help in a company's hiring process?

Professionally developed and properly validated employment tests


•    Help companies identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job
•    Saving time and cost in the selection process
•    Decreasing turnover
•    Improving morale
•    Ensure alignment between the employee selection process and desired business outcomes such as lower turnover, increased sales, and higher customer satisfaction
•    The benefits a company may realize by implementing an effective employee testing solution include:
       o   Higher productivity 

       o   Increased employee retention 

       o   Reduction in costs associated with turnover (e.g. hiring and training costs)

       o   Increasing the defensibility of the hiring process by using objective data

“Almost 90 percent of firms that test job applicants say they will not hire job seekers when

pre-employment testing finds them to be deficient in basic skills”

-The American Management Association


Adroit offers a time-tested and reliable testing engine that has continually evolved and been fine-tuned since year 2000, delivering over 500,000 assessments with perfect accuracy. The employment testing interface has been designed for ease of test administration and reporting. Test results are compiled on-the-fly and reports from multiple tests are available to employers instantaneously. Employers have the ability to conduct multiple tests for unlimited candidates, thus making mass recruitment possible for all corporations.

Companies using our Pre-Employment Testing services are growing at over 100% annually with a re-order rate of more than 75%. 

  3ds Max 7.0 Test

  Action Script 3.0 Test

  ADO.NET 2003 Test

  Advanced PHP Test

  ASP 3.0 Test

  ASP.Net Test

  ColdFusion MX 7 Test

  COM Test

  Compiler Design Test

  Delphi 6 Test

  Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 2.0 Test

  JavaScript 1.3 Test

  JavaScript 1.8 Test

  JDBC 2.1 Test

  JSharp 2003 Test

  JSP 2.0 Test

  Knowledge of Android Honeycomb Test

  Knowledge of Prototype Skills Test

  Knowledge of Ruby Skills Test

  Knowledge of SAP ABAP Test

  Knowledge of SQL Server 2008 Skills Test

  Objective C Test

  OOPS Concepts Test

  OpenGL Programming Test

  Palm webOS Application Development

  Perl 5 Test

  PHP4 Test

  PHP5 Test

  Power Builder Test

  Programming with C Test

  Programming with C# Test

  Programming with C++ Test

  SAP Netweaver Skills Test

  Software Development Life Cycle Test

  Software Project Management Courseware

  System Programming Test

  VB.NET 2003 Test

  Visual Basic 6 Test

  Visual Basic Test

  Visual Studio Test

 Dot Net Fundamentals Test

 iPhone Programming OS 2.1 Test

Advanced Java Test

Android 4.2 Skills Test

ASP.Net 2.0 using C# Test

ASP.Net 2.0 using VB Test

ASP.NET 2003 Test

ASP.Net 3.5 using C# Test

ASP.Net 3.5 using VB Test

ASP.NET Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

C Language Test

C Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

C++ Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

COBOL Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

CSS 2.0 Test

CSS 3 Test

Developer 2000 Test

Django Skills Test

DotNet 2.0 using C# Test

DotNet 2.0 using VB Test

Game Programming Concepts Test

Google Android 1.0 Programming Test

JAVA Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

Kernel Programming Test (Solaris 2.x internals)

Perl Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

Python Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills) (Python 2.5)

RUBY Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

SQL Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

Test of Knowledge of General JavaScript Skills

VB.NET Programming Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)

  3ds Max 8.0 Test

  3ds Max 9 Test

  Action Script 3.0 Test

  Action Script 3.0 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test

  Adobe Dreamweaver CC Skills Test

  Adobe Fireworks CS3 Test

  Adobe Fireworks CS4 Test

  Adobe Fireworks CS5 Test

  Adobe Fireworks CS6 Test

  Adobe Flash CS3 Test

  Adobe Flash CS3 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe Flash CS4 Test

  Adobe Flash CS4 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe Flash Professional CC Skills Test

  Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Test

  Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Test

  Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Test

  Adobe FrameMaker 8 Test

  Adobe Illustrator CS3 Test

  Adobe Illustrator CS3 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe Illustrator CS4 Test

  Adobe Illustrator CS4 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe Illustrator CS5 Extended Test

  Adobe Illustrator CS5 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe Illustrator CS6 Test

  Adobe Illustrator Test

  Adobe InCopy CS3 Test

  Adobe Indesign CC Test

  Adobe InDesign CS3 Test

  Adobe InDesign CS3 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe InDesign CS4 Test

  Adobe Indesign CS4 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe Indesign CS6 Test

  Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Test

  Adobe Photoshop 6.0

  Adobe Photoshop CS2 Test

  Adobe Photoshop CS3 Test

  Adobe Photoshop CS3 Test (Mac Version)

  Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Test

  Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Test

  Adobe Photoshop CS6 Test

  Adobe Premiere Test

  AutoCad 2007 Test

  Corel Paint Shop Pro XI Test

  Corel Ventura 10 Test

  CorelDraw X3 Test

  CSS 2.0 Test

  CSS 3 Test

  Dreamweaver 4 Test

  Dreamweaver 8 Test

  Dreamweaver 8 Test (Mac Version)

  Dreamweaver CS3 Test

  Dreamweaver CS3 Test (Mac Version)

  Dreamweaver CS4 Test

  Dreamweaver CS4 Test (Mac Version)

  Dreamweaver CS6 Test

  Dreamweaver CS6 Test (Mac Version)

  Illustrator CC Skills Test

  JavaScript 1.8 Test

  Knowledge of CorelDraw X5 Test

  Knowledge of Vectorworks 2010 Skills Test

  Logo Design Skills Test

  Macromedia Director MX 2004 Test

  Macromedia Flash 5 Test

  Macromedia Flash 8 Test

  Macromedia Flash 8 Test (Mac Version)

  Macromedia FreeHand MX Test

  Maya 7.0 Test

  Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Test

  Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 Skills Test

  PageMaker 7.0 Test

  Photoshop CC Skills Test

  Quark XPress 7.0 Test

  Quark XPress 8.0 Test

  Quark XPress 8.0 Test (Mac Version)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Test (Mac Version)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Test (Mac Version)

Knowledge of Google SketchUp Pro 7 Skills Test

Knowledge of Microsoft Expression Web 4 Skills Test

Knowledge of Microsoft Silverlight Skills Test